This project has received funding from the EUís 7th FP for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 619871.

ICL parser and elaboration tools

Latest version of ICL Tools is now part of IJTAG tools distributive. Proceed to Ecosystem  page to download it.

ICL Tools include:



ICL Tools can be used without license fee with IEEE 1687 Benchmark Suite.

Every module in the Benchmark suite has a license key which grants a free use of this software library. However, if the structure of a module is changed the license key becomes invalid!

For handling of arbitrary ICL source files we can generate the license keys to be included in your design. This also implies sharing the ICL source files with the community. Later, we will add option to purchase a license for the ICL Tools library. 

Previous releases:

ICL Tools Software library v1.10.17

ICL Tools Software library v1.0.17